Parent involvement is of primary importance in the overall effectiveness of our program. To this end, we provide a variety of opportunities for parents to share their insights and issues with us, and for us to share our knowledge, experience and support with them. We offer weekly, semi-monthly or monthly counseling with our Parent Worker in addition to scheduled Parent Advisory Group meetings. If the family is receiving support from an outside agency, our Parent Worker can provide a linkage between the two agencies.

Members of our teaching staff are available to parents through frequent telephone contact and meetings which can be initiated either by the parent, the student, or a staff member. In addition to yearly IEP TEAM meetings, parent-teacher conferences are held at the conclusion of each term in order to discuss student progress. Parents’ Nights are scheduled in the fall and spring. All parents are expected to attend the annual IEP TEAM meetings as well as parent-teacher conferences and Parents’ Nights.

Farr Academy provides an environment where parents and family members, working together with school personnel in an atmosphere of sharing and mutual respect, can create an environment where their youngster, our student, can flourish and grow.