In 1992 Farr Academy opened the doors to Farr Works, a work site operating in the summer, designed to employ students to create art for sale. Farr Works was created in response to the concerns highlighted by Barbara Greenspan, an art therapist working at Farr Academy who witnessed the frustration and desperation her students experienced as they struggled, often unsuccessfully, to find rewarding employment.

Over the ensuing years many youngsters have been helped to improve their self-esteem, build self-confidence, enhance their creative skills and develop job related skills at Farr Works. It has served as a springboard for students uncertain they could secure and retain employment and has been a source of pride and accomplishment.

At Farr Works students create a range of art projects that are sold to individuals who come to the storefront Art Studio or through art shows and exhibits. Hand painted clay tile trivets, beautiful slab-built clay pottery, platters, bowls, and flower pots share the spotlight with new creations and ideas generated with each new season.

Feel free to contact Farr Works at 617-492-4922 if you are interested in setting up an appointment to view and/or buy the art produced by Farr Academy student-workers.